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PVC Rigid Inflatable Boat Recreational 12.5 Feet

PVC Rigid Inflatable Boat Recreational 12.5 Feet

Max 6 passengers and 25HP rated, offer great performance for fishing, hunting and commercial applications. Aluminum floor and 4 layers & triple overlapped chamber seam dual heavy duty. Available Color: Red/Dark Gray

The Most Cost-effective Brand in Inflatable Boat Industry


Overall length 12.5ft, beam 5.6ft, inner dimensions L8.5ft x W2.6ft, pontoon diameter 16.5 inches; 3 pontoon chambers and 1 keel chamber for V hull; max pressure 3.6PSI (25kPa); boat dry weight 187Lbs. Max loading 1370Lbs, 6 passenger. Boat max rated 25HP motor and with 15” Short shaft transom. Red and Dark Gray color to choose.

New boat finished with double thermal welded chamber seam & double overlapped, this structure can help the boat last much longer and comes with 4 years guarantee.

Marine Grade PVC coating fabric for pontoon construction; Thicker 1.2mm material for entire boat bottom. Heavy duty life line around the entire boat. Secondary life line on the inside of the boat; Marine grade 1.5" thick birch plywood transom; Heavy duty rubbing strake around the boat and keel bottom.

Aluminum bench seat(s). Aluminum oars. Heavy duty boat hull and floor carrying bags. Front towing line. Foot pump, repair kit and spare parts kit.

Inflatable boats have a low center of gravity. It is practically impossible to capsize it. Whether stationary or cruising. SEAMAX inflatable boats are always stable. You can stand up when fishing. Children are safe. Mooring is simple. Seamax is great as a family boat.

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