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Heavy Duty Rigid Inflatable Boat Ocean380 12.5 Feet

Heavy Duty Rigid Inflatable Boat Ocean380 12.5 Feet

Max 5 Passengers & Rated 25HP. The Ocean series offer great performance for fishing, hunting and commercial applications. Aluminum floor and 4 layers & triple overlapped chamber seam dual heavy duty. Available Color: Red/Dark Gray

The Most Cost-effective Brand in Inflatable Boat Industry

Seamax Ocean380 12.5 Feet Heavy Duty Inflatable Boat, Max 5 Passengers & Rated 25HP

The Ocean series offer great performance for fishing, hunting and commercial applications. The boat is heavy-duty and worth of the money invested.

Available Color: Red / Dark Gray


Overall length 12.5ft

Beam 5.5ft, inner dimensions L8.7ft x W2.6ft

Pontoon diameter 17.5 inches; 5 pontoon chambers and 1 keel chamber

Max pressure 3.6PSI (25kPa)

Hypalon type 4 layers overlapped seam

Well finished V hull; Boat dry weight 176Lbs

Max loading 1223Lbs, 5 passengers

Boat rated 25HP motor

15” short shaft transom

Heavy duty aluminum floor

Finished with 4 layers & triple overlapped chamber seam, double thermal welded structure with industry best

6 years guarantee.

Marine (German HEYtex) PVC coating fabric for boat construction; Thicker 1.2mm material for entire boat bottom, Seamax developed reinforcement design for keel, transom underneath & pontoon bottom. Heavy duty life line around the entire boat, secondary life line on the inside of the boat; Heavy duty rubbing strake around the boat and keel bottom; Solid 1.5" thick transom made by top grade marine birch plywood.

2x Bench seats, 2 x aluminum oars, Dual heavy duty boat carrying bags (for hull & floorboard); 2000 lbs capacity front towing cable; foot pump, boat repair kit & spare parts.

This Ocean380 12.5 ft inflatable boat shipment has 2 packages and total shipping weight about 220Lbs, Hull package dimensions are 50x25x15”, and Floor package dimensions are about 41x25x9”.

Note: If boat trailer is needed, please visit EZ Load trailer website to locate your closed dealer.


Seamax is a dedicated manufacturer of Seamax inflatable boats. The Seamax Ocean series are using highest construction standards while being built. Ocean series can offer great performance for fishing, hunting and commercial applications. The boat is heavy duty and offers great value for the money.

Non-skid sectional aluminum floor system with side joiners, Fuel tank and battery box tie down fitting on the floor, Transom motor pad and pull-up style drain valve on the transom; Transom to pontoon adaptor fully reinforced, marine sealant is applied which resists leakage. Multiple D-ring kits installed on the inside of the pontoons, 3 x front towing rings; 2 x transom towing rings, 4 x tie-down style handles, Oar lock set installed.


Easy to set up, our Heavy-Duty inflatable boats will take you for a fun day of exploration at the bay, river or lake. Once deflated, it can be easily stored in your minivan or pickup truck. Inflatable boats will take you there, away from the water’s edge and closer to the fish. If you like to spend weekends being closer to nature, then an inflatable boat is for you. If you have an RV or go camping, most likely you will be by the water. Take an inflatable boat with you.

Once deflated and folded, SEAMAX inflatable boat takes up about as much space as a medium bag. You can store it in the trunk of a car, locker, under the stairs or in the corner of the garage, ready for the next weekend or holiday.


Being an inflatable, SEAMAX Boats have a low center of gravity. It is practically impossible to capsize it. Whether stationary or cruising, SEAMAX inflatable boats are always stable. You can stand up when fishing, children are safe, and mooring is simple. Seamax is great as a family boat.


Seamax Boats have Exceptional quality workmanship that is unmatched by most other boats. All models are registered with Transport Canada, and Recognized by US Coast Guard & DMV Office.

Feet Heavy Duty Inflatable Boat

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