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Bimini Top Pontoon Fitting Kit

Bimini Top Pontoon Fitting Kit

Seamax developed bimini top pontoon fitting kit for inflatable boat support bimini weight up to 100lbs, can be installed at any position.


Traditional Bimini Top sellers has no good solution for Inflatable Boats. They are either weak to support or hard to install. Seamax has developed this special Bimini Pontoon Fitting Kit for all inflatable boats. Installation dimensions is 3” x 5”.
The patch has the curve interface to be nicely attached on the pontoon. It also has a strong built-in stainless bracket to support the Bimini weight up to 100 LBS and 30 knots wind speed. The Fitting turns 180 degree wide angle, and virtually can be installed at any position. Its design and quality has been recognized as the best solution by Zodiac dealers.
This package also comes with stainless steel hardware, including bolts, lock pins and wind nuts. Boat owner can choose different hardware for the Bimini top as temporary or permanent installation solution.
PVC package and Hypalon package are available.  The package comes with glue. It may just need 50 ml to get the job done, and the rest of glue can be kept for other boat service. Glue and hardener are both sealed in their aluminum bottles. For TPU (Polyurethane) boat , please choose the PVC version.

Product has been tested for a few years from now. The inflatable boat owners now have a great solution for boat Bimini.

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