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Bimini Top Mirror Universal Fit

Bimini Top Mirror Universal Fit

Fully adjustable bimini top mirror clamp fit 1"-1.25" pipe, can slightly move left & right or up & down.

The addition of a large bimini top mirror is paramount to make you day really enjoy able on the water. Safety is a high priority on the water.  Using a review boat mirror makes life on the water so much less stressful. There is no need to turn around to see what is approaching quickly from behind.  You can quickly glance and take a look in the large mirror to see what is approaching from behind. You can also watch what is happening with a skier, kids kneeboarding or tubing out the back of the boat. An extra pair of eyes and no need to turn around to check, taking your eyes of what is in front of you.  Bimini Top Mirror bracket. The mirror bracket is cnc machined from Aluminium and then polished to a great shine. You will have to polished this bracket and U bar to keep it looking like new. The bracket is shaped in a way to clamp over the material around the bimini top tubing. The bracket will fit over a 22mm or 25mm standard size tube with the material cover.   Large mirror. The wakeboard tower mirror is approximately 35.5cm by 17.7cm Mirror. It is a large convex curve for plenty of coverage. It is encased in a plastic moulded casing for protection.  Adjusting the bimini top boat mirror. The mirror on the U shape rod can adjust slightly left and right and also move up and down. So each driver can adjust it to their needs.

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