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Dancer 108 Inflatable SUP Package

Dancer 108 Inflatable SUP Package

Most Popular board size L 10.8 ft x W 32”x H 6”; Customize single-ply fabric to build, 22Lbs light weight easy to carry, max support a 300Lbs person. Idea for saltwater and freshwater recreational use. Package includes telescope SUP paddle, Hand Pump with air gauge, Leash, Backpack style carrying bag, and repair kit.


Easy to Setup - Pull your SUP out of its bag and un-fold it. Take the Fin and hook them into place making sure that the longer portion is going towards the end of the board. Once the Fins are in place, turn the board over so that the valve at the front of the board is facing up. The net weight of Seamax 10.8ft SUP is about 22bs, and all included when in the backpack is about 28Lbs

Inflation - Remove the cap from the valve and check to see if the stem in the center of the valve is up (sticking up out of the valve) or down (even with the inner rim of the valve). The stem of this valve must be in the up (inflate) position to inflate the SUP until 15PSI. FYI, all Seamax SUP is 20 PSI tested.

Deflation - To deflate and break down your SUP, just remove the valve cap and push in the valve stem turning it clockwise a quarter turn to lock it in the deflate position. Un-hook the Fins by pressing the Fin holders to close together and popping the Fins off. Roll the SUP up with the top side facing out (this will push out all of the air), and put it away in its bag

Care & Guarantee - To clean your SUP, just use a mild detergent and warm water. You should rinse your SUP off with fresh water after using it in saltwater. To ensure that your SUP lasts for years to come, do not store it in direct sunlight uncovered or in extremely hot or cold temperatures for long periods of time. Seamax Canada 1 year fully guarantee, plus 2 years for Seam air leaking issue.

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