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Dual Heavy Duty Rigid Inflatable Boat Ocean600T 20 Feet

Dual Heavy Duty Rigid Inflatable Boat Ocean600T 20 Feet

This product can be picked up at local dealer store only.

OCEAN 500T Hypalon (ORCA) - Boat Only
Length 16.5Ft, Beam 7.2Ft, Dry Weight 450Lbs
Max 15 passengers and 50HP rated

OCEAN 530T Hypalon (ORCA) - Boat Only
Length 17.5Ft, Beam 7.2Ft, Dry Weight 500Lbs
Max 15 passengers and 50HP rated

OCEAN 600T Hypalon (ORCA) - Boat Only
Length 19.5Ft, Beam 7.2Ft, Dry Weight 580Lbs
Max 18 passengers and 60HP rated

5 pontoon chambers and 1 keel chamber, Chambers with Hypalon 4 layers overlapped seam, max pressure 3.6PSI (25kPa); Aluminum floor & reinforced V bottom; Long shaft 21”/ 82°, reinforced transom.

Non-skid sectional heavy duty aluminum floor system with side joiners, Fuel tank and battery box tie down fitting on the floor, Dual motor pads and heavy duty pontoon towing rings; Transom to pontoon adapter fully reinforced, marine sealant is applied which resists leakage. Multiple D-ring kits installed on the inside of the pontoons, 3 x front towing rings with tow line; Full size towing rings on transom, 6 x heavy duty handles, Oar lock set installed, 3 position seat receiver.2x bench seats, 2 aluminum oars, 2 heavy duty boat carrying bags (for hull & floorboard); foot pump, boat repair kit & spare parts. Reflective Plates (optional) - US Coast Guard Approved 3M Reflective Sheeting; Color Code: White USCGFP30 (Sliver); Dimension 3”x10” / 9 Pcs.

Heavy boat and only put on the boat trailer to carry. if your trailer is needed, then you can check with EZ Load trailer website to locate a closest dealer in your area

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